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Push Notifications

The push notifications in our mobile apps give you an easy and reliable to stay in touch with your customers.
Push notifications become a priority because they go directly to the front of the user’s screen, raising your visibility level considerably.

Direct Chat

The days of talking to a voice mail are gone. Well, at least they can be if you get a mobile app from App For Marketing The direct chat feature in our apps allows your customers to text you directly and get a real answer.

About Us

Use this section of your mobile app to tell potential clients who you are and what you have to offer.


Our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps allow you to give people the option to set appointments with your office. If you have a restaurant or offer a service that takes reservations, the appointment module is also great for that.

QR Code Scanner

QR codes are being used more and more across the marketing industry. Allow customers to use their smartphones’ technology to scan your code and reach your business.


One part of having a functional mobile app is to track its performance. App For Marketing analytics tools can help you see your app’s strengths and weaknesses, and tell what areas need to be improved.


If people are to come do business with your physical location, they need to know where it is. Make this easy for them with a GPS module that offers turn-by-turn directions.

Social Networking

Your customers can go search for each of your social networking profiles individually, which may take 10 or 20 minutes, or your app can link them to each one directly with one tap on their screens.

Stay Updated

You do not have to be a programmer in order to keep you app updated. Use App For Marketing friendly Content Manager to keep your app loaded with fresh information as soon as it is available.

One Touch Calling

There is no need to ever print your business’s phone number again. Let customers call you straight from the app with one touch!